Believe in your Dreams mural was organized by Kauai High School graduate Trysen Kaneshige, Mrs. Aiwohi and Ken Nishimura in Spring of 2013.  This mural was a collaboration of 4 artist and painted at Kauai High School in 2013 for Trysen’s senior class project.  Trysen, who is an art student of  Mr. Nishimura, was also mentored in the process of how to manage tasks, the process of creating a mural and how to organize an art based project.  Trysen was successful in his executing all tasks which lead to locating resources which made it possible to acquire Ken , Timothy Ward (Las Vegas) an another Kauai High School student Jason Mederios towards this mural project.

Mahalo to the Kaneshige’s, Aunty Lei and Wilma Holi of Mobile Native Hawaiian Health Inc.

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