Kauai High School Spring 2012 Aerosol & Drawing Workshop co-organized by Trysen Kaneshige, Mrs. Aiwohi, Ken Nishimura and Hawaii Meth Project.  This was the first time an Aerosol workshop has ever been done in Kauai’s Public school system.  The workshop was well received and was an inspiration for all participants, supporters and organizers.  The drawing and aerosol workshops produced over 60 youths ready and eager to create art!

Our goal in aerosol workshops is to share a brief background about the art form and also how it is supported and recognized globally as one of the primary mediums of choice by muralist. We also share how the medium can serve as a bridge in a positive and progressive manner between community and youth through art.  We encourage the aspiring muralist/artist to seek the proper channels and work with the schools and communities to find ideal public spaces that they can utilize to create murals.





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DSC06331DSC06332DSC06335 trysen-620x413Above: Trysen Tkay2 Kaneshige: Co-organizer of Drawing and Aerosol Art Workshop at Kauai High SchoolEast3 keep it flowingArtist: Ken Nishimura of Keep it Flowing