Introducing Trysen Kaneshige of TKay2 Designs


Five years ago Ken Nishimura, founder of Keep It Flowing, taught a calligraphy/handstyle workshop in Kauai where Trysen was one of his students. Trysen was 15 then. Now, Ken mentors him on the ins-and-outs of organizing a statewide mural program. Trysen is part of our Mentorship Program where we teach skills as diverse as fundraising, project management and mural painting. Ken also coaches Trysen in developing public speaking, presentation and organizational skills. Through NEOMP, Trysen has already witnessed the power of art as a vehicle for positively impacting communities. This season, the third NEOMP, Trysen wanted to take more of a leadership role. So, this time, hiscompany, TKay2 Designs, is partnering with NEOMP while Trysen takes all of his college classes online. Otherwise, he would be in Southern California where he is a sophomore at the Art Institute of California-San Diego. During this tour, Keep It Flowing and TKay2 Designs will paint four murals at four high schools on four islands in four weeks. Trysen is born and raised in Kauai where NEOMP received a proclamation from Mayor Bernard Carvahlo during our second NEOMP tour. Trysen was wholly responsible for informing the Mayor about our anti-meth mural project. We are excited to see what Trysen has up his sleeve next! Atres