Mayors Recognition: Art & Awareness

2016 Oahu Mayors Recognition-web

Keep it Flowing LLC. and Creative Director Ken Nishimura are very humbled and honored to receive this Award of Recognition from Oahu, Hawaii Mayor Mr. Kirk Caldwell for the City and County of Honolulu!  Mahalo Nui to the “Be a Jerk” underage drinking prevention program for your consideration!  Using art to create awareness and strengthening community through creative based collaborations is our passion and focus! Looking to more collaborations!


The Countdown Begins for NEOMP Spring 2015


Only 40 days until our third anti-meth mural tour begins. We’ll be painting 4 murals on 4 islands at 4 high schools and we’re so excited! One way to prepare for the physical challenges of this tour is by staying health conscious. Yesterday we cross-trained: walking 5 miles followed by ocean swimming then weightlifting. We’ve also started eating probiotic foods and we definitely feel the difference! We were inspired to learn more about fermented foods after watching a documentary that premiered online, Origins. So far, we’ve made kimchi, sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers. It’s a process, but so rewarding! It’s also quite affordable! We want to keep learning about fermenting foods so if you have any info to share, please do!