Telma Boinville: Artist Commemoration

“Love Telma” Mural by Oahu Artist’s”: Niki & KIF Creative Director Ken N.

On Sunday, December 17th the Directors of our company, Keep It Flowing, wanted to send aloha to the victim’s family who lost their beloved wife and mother Telma Boinville to an act of senseless violence. Telma was a victim of a drug related attack on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i. Our biggest motivation for wanting to get involved in this project is that our Director of Development Laycie Love is a native to the North Shore of Oahu. She attended the candlelight vigil, which was held on the day after the tragedy. Laycie commented, “I was literally a few blocks away from the crime scene as it was happening, this hit too close to home, something must be done”. Creative Director Ken Nishimura states, “ This kind of tragic events is not acceptable in our or any community, action must be taken’.

Telma portrait by Lānaʻi :

Telma Piece by Maui Artist:

Portrait by Las Vegas Artist: Tim Ward

“Love” Piece by Oahu Artist: Niki Kealoha

“Telma” Piece by Oahu Artist & Keep It Flowing Creative Director: Ken N.

“Telma Boinville” Piece by Kaua’i Artist: Trysen Kaneshige

Keep it Flowing has a history of collaborating with drug prevention organizations such as Hawaii Meth Project, Coalition of a Drug Free Hawai’i and is currently preparing for an anti-drug mural campaign in February of 2018 in collaboration with the Attorney Generals Office and Adult Friends for Youth. The idea of networking with other artists around the State, was to produce a commemorative piece of art to present to the Emery family as well as our community. We reached out to KHON2 to see if they were interested in sharing this movement and they agreed to come out and document the mural that was being painted on Oahu by Ken, our Creative Director.

Our purpose for becoming actively involved with this movement was to spread aloha to the victim’s family and our community. This event has shaken up communities on all islands. Thanks to KHON2 and our direct connection to the Emery family, we were able to share love and hope as well as the art donated by artists from Maui, LānaʻI, Kaua’i, Las Vegas and Oahu. After watching local TV news KHON2 and hearing the wise words of Haleiwa native Alika Bajo, our actions were affirmed into helping to restore aloha. Alika spoke to reporters saying “Too many times people turn a blind eye, that’s not me or that has nothing to do with me so I don’t want to get involved, but sometimes we should get involved”.

In the near future, Keep it Flowing will be focusing on collaborating with youth organizations, schools and city officials to share the message of drug prevention awareness statewide. Please contact us if you would like to kokua.

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Boss Cutz in Kona Hawaii

Keep it Flowing artist Ken3 painting a dedication mural in Kailua-Kona Hawai’i.   The mural theme is “Ho‘īlina” which means heir, inheritance, legacy or heritage and is a dedication to owner of “Boss Cutz” late brother .  Check out this timelapse video by Reptank.

How Did We Celebrate Our One-Year Anniversary?

One Year Anniversary at Lahaina Boys and Girls Club

To celebrate working with the Hawaii Meth Project for one year, we visited the location of the very first mural we created with the Hawaii Meth Project’s message — Not Even Once — here in Hawaii. The Not Even Once Mural Project  promotes a meth-free life and raises awareness about meth at Hawaii schools and youth centers. To commemorate this anniversary Keep It Flowing muralists Trysen Kaneshige and Ken Nishimura visited the site of the very first Not Even Once mural. This inaugural mural can be found at The Boys and Girls Club in Lahaina, Maui. Both artists added more fish to the ocean mural. While they were painting at the Club, they reconnected with the youth and the staff. They also led free art workshop which was conducted by Kaneshige. We are happy that the youth that visit this club daily, approximately 100 youth on average, are exposed to this important message. Many thanks to BGC Director Danae Marin, Uncle Joe and Sule for inviting us back to the BGC Lahaina Club! Read more about our anniversary here:

Our Visit to James Campbell High School


Over President’s Day weekend we spent Sunday and Monday spray painting a 14 foot high by 25 foot wide wood-paneled wall on a building at the largest high school in the state. On really high portions of the wall, Lead Muralist, Ken (East 3) Nishimura and Trysen (TKay2) Kaneshige stood on ten foot ladders painting with great balance while Aranzazu (Atres) Ascunce and Akira (Akira1) Woods served as support, holding ladders, with great focus.




We used the Campbell High School colors, orange and black, to highlight the words as a display of team spirit. We also acknowledged the statue of the birth of Ka’ahupahau (Kazu Fukada) at the school’s main entrance by painting our first two sharks in any NEOMP mural. You will find one shark on the right by East3, a hammerhead that feels like it’s hovering over you when you stand next to the wall, and the shadow of a tiger shark on the left by Tkay2.


One little girl that stopped by while we painted thought we should build a gate around the mural to protect it. Hopefully, two layers of a UV matte coat and an appreciation and respect for the love and sweat that went into the mural, will preserve this underwater Not Even Once mural for years to come.


Hopefully, it will also inspire Campbell High School students, faculty and staff to create more murals on campus! We are grateful for the opportunity to paint at CHS. Everyone was so kind and friendly! We hope the mural will work on many levels for all. Ares

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