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The Nānākuli Super
87-2090 Farrington Hwy,
Waiʻanae, Hawai’i 96792

The Nānākuli Community Mural Project (NCMP) titled “Aloha Aina” was developed by State District Representative Andria Tupola & Creative Director (CD) Ken Nishimura of Keep Flowing LLC to create a large-scale collaborative mural to create with the community. The mural also serves as a beautification and public art piece for District (1) on the island of Oahu to inspire and rejuvenate the area.  The theme of the mural was designed by Mr. Nishimura with the intent to create a large-scale public piece that was very soothing and calming which would amalgamate perfectly with Nānākuli.  NCMP planning started in October of 2015 with visits to Hawaii’s State Capitol to meet with Mrs. Tupola and her amazing staff.  The entire project’s infrastructure required months of planning to provide great community building opportunities and to produce a large-scale beautification and eco-awareness mural totaling over 3000 square feet.

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Shortly after we announced our project to the public the Okimoto Corporation, a long time pillar to Nānākuli’s community, had taken interest.  After reviewing the mural site, we all agreed that the Okimoto’s property was a perfect location for the mural because the building is located on the main road (Farrington Highway).  The NCMP mural was set and positioned in the most trafficked and visible site in the community for optimal effect and visibility.  The mural site is approximately 300 feet in total width and considered to be a landmark of District (1) called the ”Nānākuli Super”.  With the support from the Okimoto Corp. we immediately began the planning stages and building our team.


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Our team was completed when Diverse ART (DA) a 501(C)3, youth driven and creative based organization, agreed to collaborate with our team and contribute in the organization, sourcing and logistics towards for NCMP. Executive Director of DA, Nicole Kealoha, agreed to be the project manager, a production artist for the mural & co-organizer of the Community Mural Day.      Mrs. Kealoha also sourced volunteer artists for all phases of the mural.




NCMP program started on Saturday February 13, 2016 at 8am and began with a very special blessing by Dr. Kahu Kaleo Patterson on the mural site and all art supplies.  Painting process started after all volunteers were sectioned into 4 groups, lead by Diverse ART team zone leaders.  Each Zone Leader was responsible for designating all participants to a specific zone to paint and also distributing all art supplies.  The volunteers were sectioned into teams that were designated to paint a solid base color within their assigned zone (of green, light beige, blue or aqua). Team leaders did an excellent job providing all supplies to the participants and kept the volunteers hydrated.  The community day was a huge success with the attendance of over 100 volunteers of all ages!

One of our main goals was to invite and collaborate with as many volunteers and have them participate in the painting process of the “Aloha ʻĀina” mural.  All volunteers were welcome to join our team through out the mural painting process which lasted for 2 weeks under the supervision of Keep it Flowing LLC, Okimoto Corp., Diverse ART and (DA) artist team.  Within this time frame we collaborated with youths, adults and elders on all stages of the mural.


Nānākuli Super staff and management understands the need for this program and how it builds the community relationships, “Every one that comes to the store comments on how the mural has uplifted the Nānākuli Community.”  Our company stands strongly behind our community and we hear only positive comments regarding the mural from our patrons.
NCMP was completed Thursday, February 23 and it was a huge success with full support of the district! We unveiled the mural on Saturday, February 25, organized by Public Relations extraordinaire Mr. Jay Park. The event began with a very special blessing from Dr. Kahu Kaleo Patterson celebrating the completion of the mural.  We were also very humbled and grateful to have Ulumahiehieoeokalani Halau and their keiki’s come out and perform in front of the mural.  The ceremony was hosted by radio personality “Kristilez” of 102.7 the Bomb, a native to the district and Dj James “Jimmy Taco” Mora.
Keep it Flowing adds to this primary message by also addressing the current state of our land, ocean and its eco-systems. Through our murals, we hope to raise consciousness about the current state of our oceans and land. We render land and seascapes using extremely vibrant colors to illustrate what the ocean and land must have looked like when our world was healthier before global warming and pollution. We hope to inspire the next generation and communities statewide to create change and make a difference. As an arts organization we are deeply involved and concerned with the health of Hawaii’s land, resources and ocean.

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THE VOICE OF KAPOLEI:  http://thevoiceofkapolei.com/aloha-aina-community-mural-project-celebration

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Our team live-painted for 150 hours in front of thousands of residents and commuters within 2 weeks from dawn til dusk. Thousands of pedestrians and commuters drove by during this process and expressed excitement and approval towards the mural. Media coverage, blogs, social media & all publications have allowed us to share these murals and their powerful message.

This beautification and awareness mural project has proven to be an effective way to build community through collaborative events, frame and build dialogue, encourage buy-in for change, and increase long-term stewardship and utilization of public spaces.  Our art practice is participatory and community engagement is our focus. These murals bring us together. They provide access to catalyze new networks of communities, participants, supporters, students and funders.



Nānākuli Community Mural Project
“Aloha Aina”

Okimoto Corp. & Nanakuli Super staff!

Public Relations: Jay Park

KIF Creative Director: Ken Nishimura  http://www.keepitflowingmedia.com
Organizer: District Representative Andria Tupola  http://www.andriatupola.com/
District Representative team:
Hau’olilani Hiers
Kaleokalani Gilbert

Project Manager & Artist:  Nicole Kealoha
Lead Artist: Steve “Render” Brown

Artist credit and mahalo to:

Andrew Kaleikini     Katch 1    Kamele Eskaran
Jesse Canionero    Ann-Marie Power
and the Nānākuli Community & all volunteers

Mural blessing by Dr. Kahu Kaleo Patterson
Mural Unveiling performace by: Ulumahiehieoeokalani Halau

Documentation: Sea Rider Productions, Jay Park & Keep It Flowing LLC.

For more information contact: