In January of 2016, Creative Director Ken “East3” Nishimura, was invited to Los Angeles California to host an aerosol workshop for a the 5th annual youth and community event called “Cypher Adikts (CA). Zahra “Jeskilz” Hamani founded C.A. in 2011 to create a safe, positive and creative outlet that encourages the community to express themselves in through music, dance and art.

The 2 day event kicked off with a dance event to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Cypher Adikts in downtown Los Angeles at the Think Tank Gallery (939 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015). On the second day, Ken was a part of a group discussion panel titled “Unplugged” and shared his views on how visual arts can keep the youth engaged in a constructive and progressive direction. He also shared how he uses art as a vehicle to inspire and to create awareness of social and environmental issues. The program then continued on to Ken’s aerosol workshop where he shared the history, safety and techniques of aerosol art with over 30 in attendance. After safety protocols were shared with all participants, they were all encouraged to use the aerosol paint on a self-standing wall using a acrylic water based aerosol can which contained no solvents, chemicals, CFC’c or fluorocarbon within the paint formula.

Primary values of the aerosol workshop:

  1. Educate the community on the positive usage of the medium
  2. Mechanics and functionality of the spray tip and aerosol can. How to create good line quality and use the can for editing and creating.
  3. Offer innovative ideals on how to create mural opportunities for the community